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Let me introduce myself. Back when I was 19 years old, I had a bad breakup with a guy that involved both physical and emotional bruises.  I became determined to learn how to protect myself and now have more than 17 years combined training in WWII Combatives, self defense and martial arts and I'm certified as a Crime Prevention Specialist by the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners.  And, since then, I've deterred five extremely dangerous criminal encounters, fought my way out of a surprise attack, and taught safety skills to thousands of women and men.


Based on my personal experiences, I wrote Think Fast and Prevent a Violent Crime:  How to Respond to Danger in 20 Seconds (or Less!) which features 60 success stories and examples illustrating the techniques that I teach.  I've published more than 200 articles on crime prevention topics and you might have seen me on The Today Show or America’s Most Wanted, in Self Magazine, Shape Magazine and a long and varied list of other media.


I'm also the host of the popular talk radio show Crime Prevention 101, where I speak about hot crime topics, people making the headlines; trends and legal developments that are going to impact all of our lives in the future; and true crime stories that demand to be heard whether heartbreaking, inspiring or just plain weird. 

Questions I like to answer: 

  1. What is the Think Fast — Talk Fast — Fight Smart personal safety system?

  2. Can you really prevent a violent crime in 20 seconds by thinking fast?

  3. What can you do to avoid being selected as a crime target?

  4. How can you talk your way to safety when confronted by a dangerous criminal?

  5. What do you do if you're face to face with a mugger?

  6. What do you do if you're face to face with a carjacker?

  7. How do you keep your home safe from intruders, both when you're home and when away?

  8. How do you fight smart, i.e., use your brains instead of your muscles in a fight,?

  9. What do you do if you're facing an assailant with a weapon?

  10. How do you fight off an attacker and what are some of the dirty tricks you can use to tip the scales in your favor?

I also take personal safety and crime prevention questions on-the-fly from audience members and help them come up with options and a safety plan. 



Over the years, as Dear Safety Solutions, I've helped countless people solve their personal safety dilemmas on such topics as domestic abuse, rape, date rape, dating violence, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), online dating safety, self defense and much, much more. 


Bio Highlights:

  • Certified  International Crime Prevention Specialist (ICPS) by the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners; 100 hours additional crime prevention training from such organizations as the FBI, New York State Department of Justice and Long Island Association of Crime Prevention Officers

  • 17 years combined training in World War II Combatives, self defense and martial arts

  • 18+ years experience lecturing nationally on crime prevention, personal safety and self defense skills

  • 12 years experience running the Safety Solutions Co., a training and consulting company which designs customized crime avoidance and safety skills programs for Fortune 500 corporations such as American Express and hundreds of organizations such as the U.S. Post Office and Metropolitan Transit Authority in New York City

  • Published more than 200 articles on crime prevention topics

  • Designed an English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) crime prevention course for cab drivers for the Livery Cab Owners Coalition of New York; taught in numerous ESL programs throughout New York City

  • Testified before the New York State Senate Crime and Corrections Committee and the New York State Assembly Committee on Governmental Operations on crime prevention issues

  • Testified twice, as a founding member of the New York State Personal Defense Coalition, at Joint Legislative Hearings regarding the legalization of Mace and pepper spray in New York State (which led to ultimate passage of the bill after fourteen years of failure) 

  • Served on four distinguished rape prevention and domestic violence taskforces on the state and local level


Director, The Safety Solutions Co., Floral Park, NY 11005


The Safety Solutions Co. is a nationally-recognized New York-based firm which has taught safety skills to thousands of women and men in Fortune 500 corporations, non-profits, social service agencies, community groups and schools since 1991.  Using a format that is both optimistic and entertaining, programs range from two hour lectures to half-day workshops.  With an emphasis on avoiding and defusing violence, topics include how to be mentally prepared to deal with crime and violence before it happens, how to make assessments and act quickly under pressure, how to develop the "attitude" which can deter attacks, and how to respond to verbal and physical confrontations.  There is no physical contact in these programs, so anyone can participate, regardless of their age or physical capabilities.


Former Clients Include:

  • Livery Owners Coalition of New York/Victim Services Agency

  • New York City Transit Authority, Employee Assistance Program

  • U.S. Post Office, General Mail Facility

  • Federal Aviation Administration Women's Forum

  • New York City Marathon

  • Manhattan, Queens and Nassau County District Attorneys' Offices

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art

  • American Express

  • Trans World Airlines

  • Guardian Life Insurance

  • Hunter College Regional Training & Technical Assistance Center 

  • Planned Parenthood 

  • Girl Scouts of the USA

  • Jewish Childcare Services

  • New York Hotel Executives Association

  • Civil Service Employees of America, National Conference (Washington)

  • Communications Workers of America, Local 1180, Annual Conference

  • New York Hotel Executives Association

  • United Nations Women's Guild

  • New York State Division for Women

  • American Business Women's Association

  • American Medical Women's Association

  • Lynbrook Police Department Safety Day

  • Canyon Ranch Spa (Lenox, MA)  

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