Got a Safety Concern?

Worried about coming home late at night with no one else around?  Or riding the subways or frequent business travel? Perhaps you're concerned about muggers or an intruder breaking into your home?  Here's a simple exercise that will help you become mentally prepared to deal with crime and violence beforehand.


Let Me Help!

Over the years, as Dear Safety Solutions, I've helped countless people solve their personal safety dilemmas on such topics as domestic abuse, rape, date rape, dating violence, online dating safety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), self defense and much, much more.  Some of my advice is posted on the Safety Tips page (link above). 

Feel free to ask me questions on ANY personal safety or crime prevention subject that concerns you and know that you are in caring hands. I'll help you come up with options and a Safety Plan. Simply e-mail me using the Reply Box on the right and I'll send back my comments and suggestions.  Make sure to tell me if you are female or male, your age, where you live (i.e., Northeast, Midwest, major city, small town, etc) and any other information I might need to comment appropriately.

Let's Help Each Other! 


I may want to post your  questions and safety plans, along with my comments, on this website and/or in my newsletter, blog or  upcoming book, so others with the same problems can also be helped.  Please indicate on the submission form whether I have your permission to do so. 



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Yes, I want to help others.  I give my permission to post my Safety Questions and/or Plans on Susan Bartelstone's website, newsletter, blog and/or upcoming books.

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