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Learn what actions and behaviors make you vulnerable to crime by collecting and studying safety information.  Please feel free to download and reproduce any of the safety tips from this page that you wantand pass them along to your family and friends so they can feel safer too.  All we ask is that you credit your source and include our contact information. 


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Audio Crime Prevention Tips Available!

If you'd like to receive my free 30-second audio Crime Prevention Tips series -- in mp3 format -- for your group or organization website, just use the "Contact Us" form at the bottom of the page.  Sent weekly.  Text version available as well. 

To hear a sample, click on the microphone below.


  Date Rape Tips

  Using Defense Sprays: Tips

  What Rapists Look For 

  Rape & Fighting Back - as featured on the TODAY SHOW

 Where's The Fire - as featured on the TODAY SHOW

  Meeting Up With a Mugger: Tips

  Safe In The City (NY Daily News)

  Camera Cell Phones - The New Wrinkle in the Fight Against Crime

  Choosing a Nanny or Babysitter

  Viewing a Crime in Progress - How to Help

  Bump Key - Home Intrusion Danger (link)

  10 Things Men Can Do to End Men's Violence Against Women (link)

  Real Stories of Investment Fraud - from AARP.org

A Consumer’s Guide to ID Theft Awareness and Avoidance - from Kroll Fraud Solutions
 Progesterex: The New Date Rape Drug?  Chain email alternatively titled Gang Rape in (using a variety of different cities/countries/club names)
Big 10 Tips for Keeping Yourself Safe - Self Defense for Women Magazine

Stalking Safety Tips


*Dear Safety Solutions Show* Podcast: 

Susan on the Today Show:  Rape and Fighting Back

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Webmails: Setting the Record Straight

We've all gotten this kind of email.  With dire headlines, it purports to be of vital concern to women's safety and urges you to pass the information along to every woman you know.  A few do give useful  information. Most, however, offer very bad or dangerously incomplete advice. So bad, in fact, that I've devoted a whole section on my website to comment (good and bad) on these Webmails in an attempt to set the record straight.  And, please send me any Webmails YOU get - to solutions@fightsafe.com - so I can post my comments here.

Warning!  Be very cautious about what you read on the Internet and about believing dire Webmails you're urged to send to every woman you know.  Always corroborate the information first, before you pass it along.  Good resources for verifying these Webmails or urban legends, myths and anything else you suspect is a hoax:


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